About Us


According to the global warming effect, protecting our eyes with a good quality sunglasses in reasonable price is a must. Jim Optical are comes up with a small team of marketing people in Hong Kong. We believe a good quality sunglasses which not necessarily expensive is totally insane.


We keep thinking that we may not be able to change the weather but we can find a way to provide a much better deal on sunglasses. We set out to create a solution that we start to finding the opportunity of a manufacturers to consumer business module.


It comes up a break through as we finally found a factory willing to cooperate with us after 6 months seeking suppliers. Now we DO have three different Brand’s that targeting different markets. Even the price of our sunglasses is almost same as a Big Mac Meal, but I’m sure everybody will believe we are more than that. All our products are harshly inspected. We want our customers be surprised when they open the box.

We are still keep looking for the way to find the premium products to pleased our fans. We hoping a day our products have become fashionable for everyone everyday.